A Better Place

by Jackrabbit

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Jackrabbit began in the winter of 2011 as Seattle singer/songwriter Tony Fulgham was musically stumbling about like a ninth-round punch-drunk-amateur following the demise of his previous band, North Twin. Through countless combinations, he struggled to find the right people with whom to get locked into a dark basement. It doesn’t matter how good a bunch of players are, if they don’t fit with each other it’s just no damn good. The search ended when Tony saw drummer Aimee Zoe in The Starlings. There was the premeditated ambush at the front door of Ballard’s Tractor Tavern and conversations that followed, which eventually lead to Tony and Aimee working on what is now Jackrabbit. After that, finding the right bass player was easy: Aimee’s girlfriend and long time music partner, Moe Provencher.

The band proved to create a lot of firsts. All three of them have been playing music in Seattle for, well a long time, but this band brought them all to a new place. Moe is a singer/songwriter and she found herself in a rock 'n' roll band playing bass. Aimee had to go way back to her rock 'n' roll roots. Doing a Keith Moon while singing three part harmonies is no picnic. Tony had never been a lead guitarist before this band and had sworn he would NEVER play in a band with anyone that was romantically involved. Now he has a pedal board and a couple in the band… and they are girls to boot. This collective pushing out of their comfort zones has resulted in something amazing on A Better Place.

Jackrabbit’s first full length LP, A Better Place, is available for digital download on
September 25th, with the vinyl to follow on October 25th.

Produced by Jackrabbit, A Better Place began at Jupiter Studios, where they recorded with the legendary Martin Feveyear (Jesse Sykes, Mark Lanegan, Mudhoney). With those tracks in hand, they hopped between professional and home studios with Moe using her engineering skills at each stop. It was, at times, a comically frustrating process. The group navigated a series of obstacles including chickens in one control booth, a large (but friendly) dog who didn’t want to share his sofa in another, and a cat with issues at yet another. But mostly it was an amazing six months of jumping into the studio whenever they could nail down a few hours of available time. They love playing with each other. They love the songs. Chickens can't mess that up.

A Better Place is a rock ‘n’ roll record at its core. From the opening guitar riff of Big Kids, an angry tune about leaving reminiscent of some of T-Rex’s best, to the Johnny Cash meets Elvis Costello apology, I’m Sorry, A Better Place is a record that tells stories of love, loss and regret but never loses its sense of joy. Not for very long anyway. The songs are honest and straightforward. There’s no hiding behind cryptic metaphor on this record. You always know what Tony is saying. How much of it’s true? You’ll have to ask him.

Tony, Aimee and Moe have built something special. Being in a band is only a piece of it. Writing songs is only a piece of it. Playing shows is only a piece of it. Sometimes it’s just having someone to lean on or someone to call you on your shit. Most of the time it’s having someone to laugh at you when everyone else is being polite. It may not always be healthy but so far it’s damn good. A Better Place captures that special thing, that thing that turns good into great. That turns great into Jackrabbit.


released September 25, 2012

Tony Fulgham - Guitars and vocals
Aimee Zoe Tubbs - Drums and vocals
Moe Provencher - Bass and vocals

Jason Montgomery - lap steel on Around the Bend
Jason Staczek - piano, organ, accordian
J. Kardong - pedal steel

Produced by JACKRABBIT
Engineered by Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios,
Moe Provencher at Jack Straw Studios & The Pumpkin Palace,
and Doug Haire at Jack Straw Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios
Cover photograph by Alfred Palmer -
courtesy of The Library of Congress



all rights reserved


Jackrabbit Seattle, Washington

Red wine, whiskey and dice.

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Track Name: Big Kids
You can’t stop the clock from turning
You can’t stop the days from burning off
You better chew the fat man, you better lick the bone
‘Cause it doesn’t take too long for it all to be gone
Oh Yeah, I’m gone

Nothing’s gonna keep me here taking all the shit I took from you
You’re gonna have to hold your own hand now
‘Cause that’s what big kids do. That’s what big kids do
What you gonna be now that this thing’s through?

Staring at the wall just thinking
I start sinking when the thinking gets too much
But I know I’m done saying I’m sorry
‘Cause sorry’s not enough to shut you up
Oh Yeah, I’m gone


I’m not trying to drag this out I’m not trying to take too long
But I’m long gone
I’m not trying to paint you bad, I’m not trying to make you wrong
But I’m long gone. I’m long gone

Track Name: Fathers and Sons
I’ve run from everything worth staying for
Everything accept the one that broght you into this world
You’re heart will break and you’ll get run down
The sky’ll fall and you’re house’ll burn down to the ground
In the ashes you’re gonna find the thing that makes you proud, boy
The thing that makes you mine

Fathers fall and sons will rise
and the end hides in the low
Don’t be afraid , you can keep the dogs at bay
with a strong hand and heart of gold

So my boy when the shit gets tough just dig in and stand your ground
‘Cause no matter how fast you run
there’s always someone up ahead there to knock you down
Say what you mean, mean what you say.
Be a man even when it’s the harder way
Don’t ask for gifts or praise but a true word is gold
and hard to find even in the best of days


You can hold your hands up like Muhammad Ali
or hold them open like the Lord
You’re gonna have to do both someday but you alway gotta let go. Always gotta let go.
You always gotta let go

Learn how to love and learn how to fight.
Learn how to dance and wrong from right

Track Name: Done With You
You tried to lose me in the crowd.
Tried to put me down like a lame horse at the track
But I got some news you might not like to hear,
I’m still around and I now you’re coming back

You hide your heart from everyone.
Saving all the good parts for some goddamn rainy day
But the rain don’t come and there’s no place left to hide.
You’re naked now and there’s hell to pay

There’s nothing out here for you to lose.
There’s no one out here but us broke down, good time fools.
It ain’t easy living but it’s worth the broken bones
I ain’t done with you. I ain’t done with you

You can hit me with your best shot.
Like a ton of bricks man you know I’m gonna hit the ground.
I’ll stagger up I’ll just keep coming back for more.
I ain’t out and I see you’re still around

You’re a damn fool for standing out there freezing.
Come on up now the fire’s burning hot.
I’ll pour some drinks you pour yourself right in that chair.
Take it in ‘cause this is all you got


Keep on swinging I’ll keep taking every shot
‘cause I ain’t done with you
Track Name: Someday
You got everything a man could want
not to mention what a man might need
A house on the hill, two kids in yard
and people for who you would bleed

You’re always lookin’ for blood, you’re itchin’ for a fight
Hard to believe but a punch in the face ain’t gonna set you right

It’s all temporary.
It’s all gonna end one day.
We’re all going down one way.

There’s ain’t no switch you can flip to right your wrongs.
You break it you bought it, well you broke it and it’s long gone.
Long gone

Being a man ain’t about having a stiff upper lip.
It’s just settin’ ‘em up and knocking ’em down.
A day and a day and a day and another.
A day and a day and another

Track Name: Around The Bend
Dallas was a Montana Trooper.
Six foot six with a cannon on his hip
He didn’t love his wife, he didn’t love his kids.
He loved driving really fast and pulling that canonn like a whip

Dallas skipped Thanksgiving dinner
to pull the knobs on his police scanner
I watched his wife cry, I watched his kids cry.
He spent all his time looking for a new disaster, yeah

Deeds done will always catch up.
The Devil’s waiting down around the bend
His dirty, creeping soul was rotten.
Now he’s lying down around the bend

Jack and Sue died out old Black Road.
Fucked up and fell asleep at the wheel
With blood in his eye he watched his true love die
and dropped his head back for the big sleep, yeah

Well Dallas was first on the scene.
He couldn’t find nothin’ to shoot so he started gettin’ mean
He had no urge to cry when he looked inside
he just dropped his head back and laughed at the gruesome scene


It doesn’t take long before everything’s gone.
Pulling a pension and the scanner’s busted.
Here comes the Devil man, here comes the Devil man,
Here comes the Devil man and he’s saying “Boy let’s go home.”

Track Name: What Do I Know
Outside it was cold as death.
But we were safe and warm
underneath the covers of your frameless bed
Underneath Christmas light glow
we were staring at the ceiling from your bedroom floor,
I thought that I was dead
I was wondering what I’d done
to deserve such a fate as wasting away in this place

What do I know about fixing things that are busted?
What do I know about way the things should be?
Who am I and what do I know
about who should love and who should go?
You know all these things.
You know me

Sometimes the times get rough,
we’re sorry when the words get tough
You know it’s hard to let things go
There’s nothing worth getting mad like this.
You touch my head and you kiss my lips
‘cause you already know


We took the long way around.
We took the long way around
Sometimes it still feels like dying so dying can’t be that bad

Track Name: Hurricane
She’s got that way that’ll leave you a wreck.
She’s got that way that’ll break your neck
You might think she’s got nothing say.
Shut your mouth man and she’ll set you straight

Don’t turn your back now or you’ll miss the best part
She’s got some fake teeth from a fight where they got knocked out
But that smile’ll kill you in the very best way.
She’ll tear your heart out ‘cause she’s got that way

She’ll blow you down like a hurricane.
Oh she’s got that way. Oh she’s got that way

She starts that moanin’,
that deep you hum you can’t hear.
But you feel it in your guts when she gets you down there
I lose all that’s mine when she lays out the play,
don’t you plan on winnin’ boy ‘cause she’s got that way


I hate it when she has to leave
but I love to watch her walk away.
Oh she’s got that way

Track Name: I'm Sorry
I got a bloody nose don’t worry I’m alright
but I know you must get tired of watching me fall down
There’s not enough words to tell you how I feel
so I’ll just have to show you and shut my mouth

It’s been so long.
I’m still choking on the lies I thought were truth
but I still know that I love you

Sometimes when I close my eyes all I see is love.
Sometimes I just rage until I’m blue
I’m so sorry ‘bout when I dragged you down in the mud
just so you’d get dirty too


Sometimes I grasp for straws just to find something to burn
but I only grab thin air
You slapped my face, I tasted blood.
You took me in your arms.
You pulled me down and grabbed my hair.
You pulled me down and grabbed my hair


I’m so sorry ‘bout when I dragged you down in the mud
just so you’d get dirty too
Track Name: Arizona Death Song
We laughed ‘bout the Devil in the backyard.
We hid out back as the sun beat down
You turned me onto my favorite record
as my old man lay dying in the desert

Arizona seems to know death like we knew rock ‘n’ roll
I had no idea what you had inside.
I guess some shit’s just easy to hide

Nothing, no nothing will take us where we need to be
Well you died with your eyes closed
but was there really anything to see?
We were traveling low.
On trouble borrowed.
I hate how you had to go

We laughed and we smoked ‘til the sun rose.
With our heads up our ass we could hardly know
That’s as good as it gets.
Tiny hours after tiny sets

That’s the gift you gave to me.
Well my eyes are wide open and red with sun
Well the salt water stings my eyes.
Why do we always wait until somebody dies?


I don’t think you’re in a better place.
You get what you get and that’s it.
But I hope you realized before you went
that what you gave was a gift.
You give what you give and that’s it
You give what you give and that’s it