by Jackrabbit

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Seattle’s Jackrabbit’s debut E.P. released on May 18th 2011. Coincidently, this is also the anniversary of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens and singer/songwriter Tony Fulgham’s arrival to Seattle from Houston. Inspired by a topless mountain and a wealth of open green space, Tony’s songwriting started shortly thereafter and has been going strong ever since.
Tony’s most notable musical achievement to date was four years and two records made with his band North Twin. Falling Apart and Stronger at the Broken Places both received great reviews and regular rotation on KEXP, as well as college stations around the nation (including The Outlaw Country Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio). A true band, North Twin decided to call it quits when drummer Rick Cranford answered the call of the east and returned to the land of his people in Boston. The year that followed was a persistent search for the chemistry so elusive in starting a new band.
During this search, Tony tried a dozen different combos ranging from 4 to 7 members. Good musicians all, but none worked until Tony met drummer Aimee Zoe Tubbs at a show with one of her other bands, The Starlings. It was an instant musical crush.
Recorded over a rainy weekend on Vashon Island at Jason Staczek’s home studio followed by a couple nights with legendary Seattle producer, Johnny Sangster. No frills, nothing fancy but guest appearances where a little icing was needed on the cake. Tony's sister, Shannon joins for some backing vocals on “Falling is Mine” and “Stronger Than You” while Bloodshot recording artist, Maggie Bjorklund plays pedal steel on the same two tracks. Jason Staczek and his grand piano on “Stronger Than You” while Johnny Sangster fills out “Falling Is Mine” with the addition of his electric guitar.
Recently, inimitable singer/songwriter Moe Provencer joined Jackrabbit on bass guitar and Jason Montgomery on many of the other fine, stringed instruments. (pedal steel, lap steel, electric and acoustic guitar.)
Influenced by Waylon Jennings, Calexico, Tom Waits and Elvis Costello, Tony’s song writing seems to be endless and a feature length record is soon to follow.
With a batch of sad songs about good times, Jackrabbit seems to be at the beginning of a friendship that will one day be worth a story all its own.


released May 18, 2011

Jackrabbit is:
Tony Fulgham - Vocals and guitars
Moe Provencher - Bass and vocals
Aimee Zoe Tubbs - Drums and vocals

Additional musicians:
Rebecca Young - Bass
Jason Staczek - Piano on “Stronger Than You”
Johnny Sangster - Electric guitar on “Falling is Mine”
& organ on “I Know”
Maggie Bjorklund: Pedal Steel on “Falling is Mine”
& “Stronger Than You”
Shannon Fulgham - Backing vocals on “Falling is Mine”
& “Stronger than You”

Produced. engineered and mixed by Johnny Sangster
Recorded at Pumpkin Palace - Vashon Island, WA
& Crackle and Pop - Seattle, WA
Mixed at Avast - Seattle, WA
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI - Seattle, WA



all rights reserved


Jackrabbit Seattle, Washington

Red wine, whiskey and dice.

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Track Name: Throwing In The Towel
There’s a time for mending fences, A time to lay low
You swing your hammer and work for the day.
When everything slows down and the skies are blue
And you can sit back and watch your kids play

There’s no guarantees, nothing set in stone
No promises but the promises you make
And the dirt you turn where someday you’ll lay.

Momma said that you sold all the horses.
You told me to never sell it short
Love when you can, fight when you have to
Throwin’ in the towel ain’t like you

Which way to the exit, the back door or the front?
You don’t always get to pick the way
With your head held high or in the blink of an eye
With weight on your tongue or nothing to say

Watching Shane ride away in the dust
You wish you could go out that way
But that’s not the picture today


It’s not the passing light that breaks my heart,
It’s how the fire came to a start
I’m not afraid of dying but I’m scared of being scared
and looks like that’s just how it’s gotta be.
It looks like that’s just how it’s gotta be
Track Name: What's A Guy Gotta Do
My right side’s on the track and my left side’s in the sky
Let’s see if we can’t hold this turn
Somebody’s heart’s breakin’ in time with someone’s smile
Let’s see if we can’t hold this burn

Last night and the good times are burning hot and bright
Like a light at its last
Like a song that ends too soon, hearts are meant to break
That’s the beauty of moving fast

What’s a guy gotta do? 3x’s
Just to be with you

I lived a hundred years last night I thought it was the end
We danced the world and then we drove some more
But I’m built like a tank, man. The doc, he slapped my back
Said “Boy, you ain’t done in this world.”


You went on ahead and I’m tired of waitin’ around
My heart don’t know when to quit
I’m gonna find you out in the stars tonight
‘Cause I’m done with this, I’m done with this

Track Name: Falling Is Mine
Fire’s your fear and falling’s mine
But you don’t have to worry dear
I aint gonna fall this time
My guts are aching it’s been a bad week
But there aint nothing wrong with me
That I can’t fix this time

How’d you hit the edge man?
Did someone blow your big plan?
Or could you just not wait to see?
Now every time I cross under
I just look up and wonder
How surrender feels.

We all got a cross to bear bones to grind
But don’t you worry girl, no one’s grinding mine
Fire’s your fear and falling’s mine
But don’t you worry dear
I don’t want to die

There’s something ‘bout these times
That are weighing hard on my mind
But I won’t forget what it means to live
I can’t tell you what’s coming
But it don’t really matter love
I won’t take for granted what you give

There’s a sea of surrender
To fall in and remember
To kill the demons that keep you pinned
Everyday now
I’m getting closer to learning how
To jump without it being the end
The end


I breathe in air like knives and glass
My head feels like a warm breeze that I found at last
On my side I see your face
On my side I see your face
I watch you sleep I love this place
I love this place

Track Name: I Know
Nothing like throwing a rod, pushing a hole right through the hood
My engine’s leaking like a gut shot man
Do remember when we first kissed we tore out through the woods
I drove like Hell while you screamed and held my hand

I was kicking gravel as you laughed out loud
and pressed you mouth up to mine
That kiss was worth the busted oil pan
But I heard your lies that kiss must be lost on you
It’s not as easy to fix a broken man

I know what’s going on
No one’s going to come save us now
I know what’s going on
I’m drowning with out a sound
‘Cause I know you’ve been messing ‘round
And I just gotta blow this town
But I can’t say good-bye

There’s not enough road to burn outta here
And I tried to burn up all I can
You better watch out or I’ll run you down dear
How could you give your heart to another man


I love when you laugh, I love when you cry,
I love that you don’t trust in God
I love your twisted heart, I love your twisted start
How come this has to be so Goddamned hard

Does he love those things? Does he know that you sing?
Does he know that you’re lying to me?
Does he know that you’re going to break his heart
if I don’t find him first and put him under my wheels?

Track Name: Stronger Than You
I see better than I used to
But my eyes, they aren’t the same
I could lift a boxcar for her
But my back’s seen better days

I’ve got a love that’s stronger than the land
And it’s OK if you don’t understand

I found out I could kill
I could do it in a blink
Before you step to my girl
You better stop and think

‘Cause I’ve got a love that’s stronger than you man
And it’s OK if you don’t understand

You can see them staring at us sideways
I see they don’t believe
That our stitched up hearts and ruby scars are beautiful things

She keeps me out of my grave
With a gentle guiding hand
And it’s OK if you don’t understand